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SX3000 - Advanced Live Turkish Performer


                                  Ketron SX3000 Turkish


The Ketron SX3000 is a Turkish model based on the poular Ketron SD5 model. It is a well designed pro 61-key arranger workstation, superbly suited for both live and studio applications. It is built around the high-quality sound engine - created by world renown KETRON labs, which provides hundreds of realistic orchestral sounds from piano to brass, woodwinds, strings, and more. The user friendly interface incorporates a large backlit display, a pitch/modulation joystick, and a variety of programmable buttons so you can quickly access the features you need. The arranger functions on the SX3000 are excellent, enabling the best in style accompaniment. Each style has four arrangements, multiple intros, fills, and endings to create complete, dynamic songs on the fly. A versatile rhythm section is also included that has several live percussion sounds, live drum sets, and audio drum loops to provide a great foundation. A very unique function, called the RIFF mode brings a touch of artificial intelligence into the arranger, generating chords for you automatically so you can concentrate on having fun. The SX3000 has a variety of connectivity options, including MIDI in, out, and thru connectors, a microphone input and output, 1/4" audio outputs, and connectors for sustain and volume pedals and a footswitch. The optional vocalizer adds harmonies to your vocal performance that can be controlled via chords or single notes on the keyboard. An optional video output interface is available and is ideal for displaying lyrics on an external monitor for karaoke. The built-in stereo the features you need in real time a breeze speakers are powered by two 22W amplifiers to provide rich, natural sound right out of the box. If you're in the market for a versatile, portable keyboard workstation designed for a long life of professional use, the SX3000 is a great option. . True to Life selection of top-notch voices, including piano, brass, woodwind, strings, organ, etc. . 61 semi-weighted velocity sensitive keys have aftertouch to simulate the feel of a real piano . Adaptive, easy to use, full arranger accompaniment. 4 arranger per style + Multi intros and fills . Superb Portable yet Rugged Workstation Keyboard is great for Studio and Live Performance . Well-placed controls of the SX3000 make navigating to the features you nedd, a real time breeze.



SX3000 Turkish / Specs

61 half-weighted keys. 6 Velocity curves. Pitch & Modulation joystick. Aftertouch.

Multi-tab: 1-16 multifunctional tabs. Mode Select : Drum On/Off, SFX, GM Part access, Free Assignable, Registration Groups, Arabic scale. Koma control.
Display: 240 x 128 pixel backlit graphic TCF.
Floppy Disk: 3.5 2DD/HD.
Hard Disk: (optional unit) Type ATA IDE 2.5. 6Gbyte (max).
290 Orchestral Presets Sounds. 292 GM Voices. More than 1000 Percussive sounds including typical Turkish Percussions such as Darbuka, Tef, Hollo, Bendir, Davul. 32 parts Multitimbral. Original hi-quality
Turkish Voices: Ud, Yay, Zurna, Baglama, Cumbus, Dtelli, Elksaz, Gitar, Kanun, Kaval, Keman, Clarnet, Mey, Ney and others.
User Voices: 110 User Voices.
Editing: A,D,S,R, Cut Off, Resonance, Effects.
1 Touch: 60 programmable 1 Touch Sounds, assignable to Style.
Drawbars: 8 Digital Drawbar effects. 10 Selections.
Programs: 120 Programs. 4 Voices, 4 splits. Sustain, Portamento, Velocity switch, Duet, Trio, Morphing, Steel, Slide, Harmony and 2nd voice assign. Single & Global Program loading.
2nd Voice: 292 Preset & programmable Second Voices. 2nd Voice Edit.

198 panel settings. Single & Block mode. Registration Group thru 1-16 Multitab.

Drum 1: 24 New Drum sets. 24 User Drum Sets. 10 Drum sections. Drum Mixer. Manual Drums.
Drum 2: 62 Live Drum sets. New Acoustic and Latin Loops.
Arranger: 202 Internal Styles, featuring new Unplugged, Real Latin, Ballroom and Pop Styles. Riff section. Arranger Mute. After Fill. Smart 7th. Alternate Bass. Swing Bass. Professional Guitar templates. Rewritable parameters. 4 Arrangers: A, B, C, D. 3 Intro/Endings, Fill In, Break. Interactive Accompaniment. Manual Bass. Jump. Tap Tempo. Accelerando-Ritardando. Tempo control. Pedalboard funcions. Rootless & Standard Chord recognition.
Pattern: internal 2 Mbyte Flash ( up to 50 Patterns ).
Edit functions: Record, Clear, Copy , Remap. Pattern Expansion memory (optional).
Turkish Styles: 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, Azeri, Ciftetelli, Halay, Zeybek etc.
Song Record: real time Song Recording to Disk.
Pianist: Standard & Auto Mode. Sustain On/Off.
Octave: 1 octave Up/Down.
Double: lower octave coupling.
Harmony: Full, Jazz, Double, Bluegrass, Trill, Repeat, Folk 1, Folk 2.
Transposer: +/- 24 half tones.
Arabic Scale: 13 arabic setups (footswitch assignable). Tune + / - 99 cents per note.
International, Belgique. Velocity control to Left&Right. Bass&Lower octave. Left Drum to Bass&Chord.
Effects: Multieffect DSP. 60 different effects. Reverberation, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Tap Delay 4 / 8, Wha Wha, Distortion, Overdrive, Rotor Slow/Fast , Bass Boost. Portamento. Mono Legato function.
Micro: Input with Gain control. Echo, Reverb., Pan/Pot, Pitch Shift, Talk.
Vocalizer: (optional unit) Harmonizer, Vocoder, Melody types, Midi Vocalizer track, Vocalizer to Arranger, Vocal effects. Left & Right Harmonies.
Midifi le Player: SMF Song playback with karaoke and Txt fi les. Convert fi les. kar & Midi type 0 to 1. Juke box. Intelligent Transposer. Song Chain. Drum & Bass. Lead On/Off. Save Song setup.
Drum Remix: Real time interactive Midifi le and Style playing.
Song and Style select.
MIDJAY utility: capability to view, scroll and play the Midjay directories (Wave, Mp3, Midi, Sfx/DJLoops, Play List, Autoplay) directly from the SX 3000s screen. Start, Stop and Pause controls.
MIDI: In 1, In2, Out, Thru. 32 Midi Channels. GM standard.
Outputs: Left/Mono, Right. Sustain and Volume Pedal. Footswitch (6 or 13 switches). Micro out.
Inputs: Stereo headphone. Micro jack.
Computer: PC/Mac host Interface.
Video Interface: (optional unit) Systems: PAL, NTSC, Super VHS. Monitor, Mirror, Zoom, Karaoke page and full screen, Mark, Underlined. Size and position controls.
Amplifi cation: 2x22W RMS Stereo 2 ways amplifi cation. Speaker On/Off switch.
Optionals: Video Interface, Vocalizer, Hard Disk, Pattern expansion (2 Mbyte).
Dimensions: L x W x H = (115 x 39 x 12,5 cms.) (46 x 15,6 x 5 inches).
Weight: 18 Kg. Approx. (36,2 lbs)

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FS13 / 13 Effects Footswitch.

FS13 / 13 Effects Footswitch. Assignable footpedal.

FS13 / Ketron ID# 9AC093  

FS6 / 6 Effect Footswitch.

FS6 / 6 Effect Footswitch. Assignable Footpedal

FS6 / Ketron ID# 9AC103

K8 / Midi Pedalboard 13 Key

K8 / 13 Key Midi Controller Pedalboard

K8 / Ketron ID# 9PEMK8

9AC101 / 4 Switch Tonality Pedal 9AC101 / 4 Switch Tonality Pedal
Volume Pedal / 9AC113 Volume Pedal / Item # 9AC113
Sustain Pedal 9AC114

Sustain Pedal - Piano Type

Model SP-P / Ketron ID# 9AC114

Sustain Pedal 9AC121

Sustain Pedal - Square Type

Model SP-S / Ketron ID# 9AC121

Internal 40g HD

40GB Internal HD with 100's preloaded styles and sounds / 9HD Series

Vocalizer (Internal) 9VO Series

Internal Vocalizer / 9VO Series

Video Interface (Internal) 9AC134 Video Interface (Internal) 9AC134
2mb Pattern Expander 2mb Pattern Expander (Internal) 9AC116
SD5 Keyboard Hard Carry Case

SD5 Hard Case / 9VA005

SX3000 - Color Brochure
User Manual SD Series
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